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ZUD (Mongolian: зуд) - the unforgiving forces of nature taking their toll on humans and animals.

ZUD Short synopsis
On the frozen steppe of Mongolia people‘s lives are at the mercy of the seasons and unexpected events, while nature dictates the rules of their nomadic lifestyles. After winter kills hoards of his parents‘livestock, 11-year old Sukhbat has to leave school, move back home and support the family. When given the responsibility by his father to tame a wild horse in a bid to win a regional race, he has to face a life ruled by unforgiving nature and tradition. No one remains unscathed after being confronted by the power of the steppe.

ZUD Long synopsis
11-year old Sukhbat lives on the vast Mongolian steppe together with his nomadic family and their livestock When Sukhbat isn’t helping his parents on their ranch he spends time either playing in the desolate landscapes or attending school in the nearby city.

Life is harsh and the increasingly unrelenting winters have killed off huge hoards of the family‘s livestock. Sukhbat‘s father Batsaikhan has no other choice than to look for other ways to survive. Victory in the regional horse races would bring wealth and prestige to the family. He trains Sukhbat to tame and ride a wild horse in a bid to win the race, putting the family‘s hopes and future into the child‘s hands.

For Sukhbat, this new responsibility means facing a life dictated by unforgiving tradi- tions and nature. No one remains unscathed after being confronted by the power of the Mongolian steppe.